The data files available as links from this site contain specimen data with Darwin Core field names based on data exported from the KWP data collection in Arctos managed by the University of Alaska Museum Insect Collection in October 2018. Be aware that these data are a static “snapshot” from October 2018 and some records may have been edited and changed since then. We provide these data primarily for educational and historic purposes. Those interested in performing research are recommended to acquire up-to-date data from Most of the pinned specimens in the KWP collection will eventually reside in the National Museum of Natural History / Smithsonian Institution and the “live” specimen data will be served from their data portal (but should be available from as well).

All the specimens have been grouped into two categories: Beringian sensu lato (in the wide sense) and non-Beringian. Beringia in the narrow sense does not include all of Alaska whereas what we are calling Beringia includes all of Alaska and some additional nearby regions in Canada and eastern Asia. All specimens in these regions are mapped so anyone interested in restricting the data to the more formal definition of Beringia can do so. None of the non-Beringian specimens were databased or mapped. The images of those drawers are provided for visual and historical purposes. The Smithsonian will eventually database those specimens so check with them if you want those data.